Is to empower those with spinal cord injuries so they feel confident in their ability to reach their potential and make a difference in the community.

A B O U T  C H A R L I E

Charlie was born in and raised in Brisbane and graduated from Marist College Ashgrove in 2012. He was an energetic student, participating in sports including basketball, rugby, and tennis. Charlie also played an active role in local community, regularly playing rugby for GPS and building a large and diverse friendship group.


After school, Charlie took his passionate and energetic approach into the real estate industry. It was here where Charlie posted excellent results in a short period and began building his brand as an accomplished and dynamic agent. The trajectory of Charlie’s life changed in December 2018, when he dived into a pool and fractured his C-6 vertebrae, rendering him quadriplegic with limited use of his arms and no feeling from the chest down. This accident put him in the fight of his life to regain use of his lower limbs and derailed the life he once knew.

Despite support from agencies such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), external funding for injuries such as Charlie’s is limited. In practical terms this can mean that patients with spinal injuries are unable to maintain the intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy that is crucial to ongoing recovery. This shortfall threatens a patients chance to regain a civilised quality of life, in many cases leading to further physical and emotional deterioration.